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So far the most challenging decision I have faces so far was actually picking a major.

I knew my interests from high school classes, however I had not had any of my options made available to me, and I did not even know that I could major in Political Science until my first semester of college. My first poli sci type classes were amazing; we dealt with controversial subjects and even debated in class. I was fascinated with workings and how we had come to many of the legendary decisions and precedents that had been set. Unfortunately when  I transferred to a 4 year university and began upper level classes it seemed my life was going to become about writing peer reviewed articles on the faults of  Medicare or my opinion of someone else’s work. It became quite clear I was neither going to be able to make a difference or express my individuality.

I changed my major my junior year off college and it costs me about $3000 in pointless classes… while experience is the best way to learn something you should do massive amounts of research in a field before you decide you want to make it the rest of your life.

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