DIY Beauty

Make your own bath salts!!

I wanted to make something for the ladies in my family to pamper themselves with (and I was also on a budget), so i started looking into some DIY beauty projects.

Bath salts are simple, cheap, and easy to personalize. 

I started with the jar (found these great ones at the dollar store!) and same cute ribbon.

Then you will need:

2 cups of epsom salt (soothes tired muscles and reduces inflammation)

4 tablespoons of baking soda (softens waters and alleviates skin irritation)

Your favorite essential oil, I used grapefruit (it means joyful)

Food coloring

I started by placing the salt in a plastic bowl and adding three drops of food coloring and three drops of essential oil, then I mixed it up until the color was complete distributed. then continued adding and mixing a few drops at a time until I was satisfied with the scent and color.

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