DIY Beauty

Best remedy for dry skin ever (and I have tried everything)

Every winter I get terrible dry skin on my legs and hips, and lotions are just never enough (not to mention the alcohol in them only makes things worse). So this year I started looking at some other options to try and help me out.

I actually found this great home remedy on Pinterest and was an original recipe from Paula Deen. I used the same ingredients just edited the amount of oil I put into it, keeps it from being overpowering and not as dangerous in the shower. Not to mention its dirt cheap and most women keep these basic staples stocked in their pantries already.

1 cup Dark Brown Sugar
1/4 cup Extra Light Olive Oil, can substitute another carrier oil of your choice
1 teaspoon Vitamin E (cut open Vitamin E liquid gel caps)
1 teaspoon Pure Vanilla Extract , optional (or your favorite citrus essential oil)

In a medium mixing bowl, combine oil, vitamin E and vanilla. Add the brown sugar and mix well.

To Use: In the shower, apply to skin and rinse.  Can be used daily.  I use it as my last step before getting out of the shower. Not recommended for use in a bath tub due to the sugars.