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Cheap and Easy Dress Up for French Doors (perfect for all parties)

Cleaning a house to entertain is never an easy chore, especially when you have rooms that are actually lived and worked in! As you will learn I am all about finding cute ways to make things easier, especially when it involves making things easier for my mom.

In preparation for the family coming to the house for Christmas my mother wanted to spend an entire day cleaning out the home office. (ugh!) Seeing as the office is located just inside the main entrance to the house and has french doors is was impossible to just shut the doors and let it be.

So in a momentary stroke of genius I decided came up with the idea of simply taping wrapping paper to the back of the door and a bow around he handles so no one would actually be able to open the door. $5.00 for a roll of paper and we already had the bow and tape from all the holiday wrapping saved a whole day of cleaning (and made for a whole day to shop <3)

This could be duplicated for any event all you need is the proper wrapping paper!! Want to keep the kids out of a room at a party, or keep the ladies out of your husbands messy office on girls night. Don’t waste your time cleaning, and add some festive decor to your space.

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