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Top Bookstagram Props

Kiss of Deception The Remnant Chronicles ReviewShopping for props and putting together photos for Instagram (Bookstagram) is so much fun. But sometimes finding just the right prop can be a challenge so I have created a list of some of my favorites! Almost all of the items below I have personally ordered and used and I will continue to add more as I find new and wonderful products.


I use the crowns ALL the time in my Bookstagram photos! I love the sparkle that they add to pictures, but can still be used in darker themes.

Click on the photo to shop for these crowns and more!







I change out my background every few months. I have tried several different options but have found its worth spending a few extra dollars for a nice matte backdrop. I tried a few stick on options or cheaper plastic options and they either did not last of caused terrible lighting glares that made editing a nightmare!


Swords and daggers make such a fun throw in for photos, especially for someone like me who reads a ton of fantasy where main characters are often warriors or assassins. They can also be used to add an extra edge to creepy photo styles.


Flowers are a wonderful way to fill up blank place in photo set ups and they tend to add such a great touch! I usually pick up flowers from my local hobby store for a few dollars a stem.

You can use flowers or foliage to enhance any theme set up, it does not have to be a “fluffy” set up to include them. I like to use muted or darker colored flowers to accent my darker aesthetic photos and then use bright white flowers for my lighter themes. I have also seen some folks do amazing rainbow themes with their flowers.


I use scarves in the background of TONS of my photos to break up the wood color and add another layer to the photo. I personally have a ton of scarves that I wear throughout the year so I really enjoy being able to leverage my collection for photos as well.

  • These bookish scarves also make great gifts!!

Fun Accessories:

I am always on the hunt for unique accessories to fill spaces in my photos, I personally can not stand having a lot of open space. I have included links to a few of my favorite items that I have picked up (just click on the pics below).

You can also add layers to your photos using folded old books, book pages, or rolled pages. I have picked up a couple of old dingy books from the dollar or resale shops to re-purpose.

For the home

Cheap and Easy Dress Up for French Doors (perfect for all parties)

Cleaning a house to entertain is never an easy chore, especially when you have rooms that are actually lived and worked in! As you will learn I am all about finding cute ways to make things easier, especially when it involves making things easier for my mom.

In preparation for the family coming to the house for Christmas my mother wanted to spend an entire day cleaning out the home office. (ugh!) Seeing as the office is located just inside the main entrance to the house and has french doors is was impossible to just shut the doors and let it be.

So in a momentary stroke of genius I decided came up with the idea of simply taping wrapping paper to the back of the door and a bow around he handles so no one would actually be able to open the door. $5.00 for a roll of paper and we already had the bow and tape from all the holiday wrapping saved a whole day of cleaning (and made for a whole day to shop <3)

This could be duplicated for any event all you need is the proper wrapping paper!! Want to keep the kids out of a room at a party, or keep the ladies out of your husbands messy office on girls night. Don’t waste your time cleaning, and add some festive decor to your space.