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Queen of Nothing by Holly Black Book Review

The Queen of Nothing (The Folk of the Air #3) *There are potential spoilers in this review*

Overall: ***

Romance: ***

Reading Rate: ***

Publisher: Little Brown

Pages: 308

Release Date: November 19, 2019

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I hate to be super negative on here, but guys I was so so disappointed. I thought the first two books in the series were good (not blown away) and the way the ended was left at Wicked King had me so ready to read this final installment. As soon as I got my hands on the book I was nervous about how thin it was… but it started out on a high note with a dual and then the arrival of Taryn needing help due to Locke being dead.

I was all ramped up to see Jude back in Fairy so soon in the story, but it all went downhill from there. I expected to binge read the book like I did the first two, but I found myself losing interest and it took me over a week to get through, which is unusual for a book so short.  I felt like the closing of the story was completely rushed and then ending of the last book was totally written off by it being a joke from Cardan, and that as Queen Jude could have pardoned herself at any time and come back. By the time the last quarter of the book came around it was almost predictable, which throwing me for a loop was something I admired about this series.

I did appreciate the ending being wrapped up nicely with really no questions left hanging… I would like for there to have been a bit more betrayal and less happiness at the end for the “wicked” characters though.

Maybe it was just the final book curse, what did you think? Tell me below in the comments.


Bookish Merch, Products I love!!

2019 Bookish Holiday Gift Guide

Hi guys! I know bookworms can be a challenge to shop for so I wanted to share some of my favorite bookish products that I have discovered over the last few years. These are all products that I have personally purchased and most of them I actually use on a daily basis and feel they are high quality and well worth their prices…. plus most are having some great sales this holiday season!!

Klever Case for eReader

This brand is actually my most recent bookish discovery. They are a small company based in the U.K. and have gorgeous and high quality eReaders. They come in multiple sizes and designs, I have their Ravenclaw Kindle Paperwhite eReader and it is so gorgeous!!!

They also have amazing book lights and journals that match the theme of the eReader cases that I have been meaning to pick up as well! Right now they have some create combo deals going on to pick up multiple items for cheaper…. and free tracked international shipping for those wary of ordering an international product before Christmas.

Storiarts Bookish Accessories

If you have ever made it over to my Instagram page you have seen some of my Storiarts collection. To say I am obsessed to an understatement, and this year they came out with The Night Circus themed merch.

I have a scarf, writing gloves, tote, shirt, cosmetic bag AND headband from them already so far. Their products are not cheap but they are incredible quality and well worth the money… they are also having some great deals right now for the holidays so it the perfect time to snag items.

*If you are a bookstagrammer these products are amazing for bookish photos as well as everyday use!

Harry Potter Illustrated Editions

These editions are a must have for any Potter Head. They are absolutely gorgeous and a wonderful and useful edition to any collection. The first four books in the series are available, with the release of the Goblet of Fire just occurring a few months ago.

While I do not have kids (furbies aside) I have heard from my parent friends that these books are also a supper fun way to introduce their children to the series they loved so much as kids themselves.

Boxed sets:

Collectible boxed sets are always a wonderful treat for book worms, and often they are a bit pricey so we tend not to buy them for ourselves. With several big series finishing up this year a few new boxed sets have released recently that I have included below.


Book Beaus:

Top Bookish Holiday GiftsI am completely obsessed with Book Sleeves and Book Beau is always at the top of that list. I carry books or eReaders with me everywhere I go and I have so many Beaus!! They come in so many sizes and options from their Mini for an eReader, to their jumbo that can even fit your Harry Potter books, to the travelers that you can put both inside plus your charging cords! If you see me out and about you can almost bet there is a Beau inside my bag.

  • I also have their Book Beau reading bean and Harry Potter pin banner…. I told you its addicting. BUT they always have great sales and the products quality is top notch!


Kindle Paperwhite ereader- bookish giftsI know there is a lot of hubub about eBook vs Physical book and I was once firmly on the Physical Book only side of the camp. But over the last two years I have discovered just how amazingly easy it is to carry and read eBooks over physical books. I cannot recommend my Kindle Paperwhite enough. I have an older version which still works amazing and the newer version just keep getting better with weight, lighting, and also now waterproof! There are some great deals on Kindles and accessories right not, and for a little more cost savings most versions of Kindle have refurbished available.

Also if your bookworm is wanting to start getting ARCs for review, most come in the form of a digital eGally. While these can be read on a tablet or phone they are not designed for long reading binges and the weight and lighting are a pain.

Bookish Gift cards are always a win! Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or even a bookish box or store might also have their own Gift Cards if your book worm has a particular favorite. I know people think this can be impersonal but half the fun of getting new books and merch for us is getting to shop and pick it out. So do not be afraid to go with the card, or a combo of a small piece of merch plus a gift card.

Did you purchase and of these gifts for the bookworm in your life?