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COVER REVEAL: Dead Rockstar by Lillah Lawson

**šŸ–¤Cover RevealšŸ–¤**

I am so excited to be a part of the reveal of this incredible cover for DEAD ROCKSTAR, by Lillah Lawson!

COVER REVEAL: Dead Rockstar, by Lillah Laweson

Synopsis: Stormy Spooner is at her wits’ end. Careening towards bitter after a nasty divorce, she sometimes wonders what her life is becoming.Ā 

After unearthing a cryptic set of lines from a dusty album cover, Stormy tries the impossible: to resurrect Phillip Deville, enigmatic former frontman of the Bloomer Demons. Stormy’s love for her favorite dead rockstar knows no bounds…but it was all supposed to be a joke.Ā 
When she answers a knock on her door the next day and finds herself face to face with the dark-haired rock god of her every teenage fantasy, her entire world is turned upside down.

Turns out, sheā€™s awakened more than just Philip, and Stormy will have to do battle against a cast of strange characters to keep herself and her newĀ undead boyfriend safe.

Dead RockstarĀ isĀ set to release November 3rd, 2020 byĀ The Parliament House Press. Dont forget to add to your Good Reads TBR.Ā 


ParliamentĀ Press:

Instagram:Ā @theparliamentpress

Twitter:Ā @parliamentbooks

Facebook:Ā @theparliamenthouse


Lillah Lawson:

Instagram:Ā @LillahLawson

Facebook: LillahLawson

Twitter: lillahlawson

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